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Suples® Attacker Dummy (harness dummy)

The Suples Dummy called the Attacker is the newest wrestling dummy in our Suples store.

The Suples Attacker offers you the ability to practice multiple variations of different techniques in all styles of wrestling. (Folkstyle, Freestyle, Greco Roman and even in MMA). The new addition of the professionally designed elastic bands with the heavy heels make this dummy much more effective when it comes to shots, snap-downs, front head locks, head position, arm drags, duck unders and many other techniques that can be practiced on this unique dummy.

The effect from the heavy heels/packages is that once you hit a shot or body attack, you will be challenged by the weight of the Suples Attacker as you drive through. By adding the heavy heels, the Suples Attacker is almost double the weight compared to the traditional dummy of the same size.

Even though we call this dummy the Suples Attacker, remember, the Attacker must always be YOU!

Dummy Attacker Size L - (85-109lbs)


shipping $90.00

Dummy Attacker Size M - (65-85lbs)


shipping $70.00

Dummy Attacker Size S - (55-69lbs)


shipping $65.00

Dummy Attacker Size XS - (35-45lbs)


shipping $60.00

Dummy Attacker Size XXS - (22-28lbs)


shipping $45.00

* 1 Year Warranty for all non leather products


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